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Grahame and Pixie

Grahame trained at Camberwell and the Royal Academy in the late 70s/early 80s. He settled in St. Davids around 1985. His paintings are vibrant and atmospheric and mostly done in situ.

The present is always elusive when creating something from the natural environment. As soon as one is fixed on the subject, suddenly its history, things move so fast. The constant movement of the sea, light, changing weather patterns in the landscape. So as I am working my objective is to make something of a particular moment so that other people can also connect with the fluid nature of the physical world. One thing is for sure: the present is elusive, always has been, always will. As soon as we think we have it fixed its as good as over, history again. For me therefore painting landscape is a celebration of the moment and one I want to share.”

His work is a sublime vision of the way colour and movement combine in landscape - capturing the shimmering light with a palette of colours that sing. His work is widely shown, in London, Ireland, Wales and elsewhere.